Energy Solutions: A Podcast From EPSA

Climate Policy Conservatives Can Love

August 18, 2021 Electric Power Supply Association Season 1 Episode 6
Energy Solutions: A Podcast From EPSA
Climate Policy Conservatives Can Love
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Can conservatives learn to love climate policy? As more and more Republicans understand the need to reduce emissions, Alex Flint talks to industry and walks the halls of Capitol Hill to find and share ideas that can accelerate decarbonization – without sending America over the fiscal cliff. Hear what matters to conservatives when it comes to improving our environment, economy and energy security – and why competitive market-based solutions like a carbon price will accelerate the energy transition and could gain elusive bipartisan agreement.   


Alex Flint, executive director, Alliance for Market Solutions 


Todd Snitchler, president and CEO, Electric Power Supply Association 

“Republican orthodoxy on climate change needed to evolve.” Alex shares what Alliance for Market Solutions is all about.
“We need to… identify policies that will last for the long-term.”
Managing the Cost of the Energy Transition
Is there a viable path forward for an economy-wide price on carbon?
Market Forces Accelerate Transformation
Alex shares what he’s hearing from policymakers on the Hill.
Alex says the government can’t afford to remake the energy infrastructure of this country – but markets can.
Is the energy policy discussion moving in the right direction? Todd asks Alex what he thinks of the current slew of energy proposals.
What can industry do to move the energy policy needle?
“Markets are responding, and I think they will respond faster than we expect.” Alex shares his optimism for the future.
Bonus: We explore a cap-and-trade program from the 1990s, and how it could be implemented in the future.