ReThinking Caregiving

How Can You Embrace NOT Feeling Good?

May 23, 2022 Esther Mbabazi Episode 79
ReThinking Caregiving
How Can You Embrace NOT Feeling Good?
Show Notes

 We try to escape being human i.e. going through negative emotions that is how people get addicted using drugs, food, alcohol. We can just learn how to feel our negative emotions, and become emotionally strong.  Not only that, but we sometimes feel terrible, unhappy etc.

In today's episode, I talk about how the emotions of grief, loss, sadness will appear again and again, because emotions are a part of our being, we acknowledge them again and again, with compassion, supporting ourselves through it all, - you take your hand and place it where it hurts, or where you feel a knot or over your heart if it's racing. 

Nothing has gone wrong,  I am upset my loved is going through cancer treatments, or he is dying, or I am scared for our future...  Be present with whatever comes up, you will feel the grip loosen. 

 It can be useful to think that whatever you are going through, someone else out there has gone through it, and many people are going through it!

We are conditioned to think that we should be happy all the time. But we don’t want to feel happy when something sad has happened.  How can we be sad and…

It is not true that we should be happy all the time. Half of the time it will be terrible. I am going to get through this, even though, in spite of, even if….. We want to be happy, but when things don’t go like that, we feel disappointed. 

Be able to embrace not feeling good. It is okay. Of course, you are feeling this way… this is the way. Use your energy to be support yourself now that you have taken over your loved one’s responsibilities at home. Things are changing at home, and I am figuring out how to accept that!

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