The Secret to Success in Every Industry: A Conversation with Rasmus Holst
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The Secret to Success in Every Industry: A Conversation with Rasmus Holst
May 13, 2024 Season 1 Episode 128
Heather Walker, Ph.D. with Rasmus Holst

In a world where the average turnover rate in some industries spikes to over 21%, holding onto talent becomes a challenge every leader faces. Yet, it's a challenge that Rasmus Holst, CEO of LMS 365, meets with a vision that transcends the typical corporate approach. In an enlightening episode of the Lead What Levity podcast, hosted by Dr. Heather Walker, Rasmus divulges the universal key to not just keeping talent, but also nurturing it to thrive and grow within any industry.

Understanding Human Success

From the onset, Rasmus Holst lays out a compelling narrative that challenges the conventional norms of employee retention and corporate growth. "Investing in human success is universal," he asserts, drawing connections between diverse fields like construction and software development. This notion is grounded in the belief that regardless of the industry, providing people with reasons to grow and stay is essential. A notable statistic sheds light on this perspective: more than 40% of workers in the U.S. report that their organization's commitment to employee development keeps them satisfied at work. Yet, less than half feel their company significantly invests in their growth.

The LMS 365 Story: From Library to Global Business

Rasmus shares the intriguing origin story of LMS 365, which began nearly two decades ago with a dentist in Denmark who quit his job to help people find books in a local library. This simple yet innovative act laid the foundation for a global business, turning over about $30 million and partnering up with giants like Microsoft. Fast forward to today, LMS 365 is used by 2000 organizations across the world, affirming Rasmus's belief that great ideas can come from the most humble beginnings.

Changing Narratives: Human Resources to Human Success
Rasmus introduces a thought-provoking shift in corporate terminology: from human resources to human success. This language change reflects a deeper commitment to recognizing employees not as mere assets but as individuals with potential and aspirations. "Why are we not thinking about people as success?" he questions, prompting leaders to invest in their teams' success, not just witness it from afar.

The Power of Human Success
In an era where technological advancements and corporate structures redefine work cultures, Rasmus Holst's philosophy presents a refreshing perspective on success. It's a conversation that extends beyond the confines of LMS 365, challenging leaders across all industries to reflect on how they view, treat, and invest in their most valuable asset: their people.

Listeners left the conversation with not just insights into one CEO's journey from a small Danish library to the helm of a global enterprise but also with a challenge to redefine what success looks like within their organizations—and, possibly, within themselves.

For more insights into Rasmus Holst's vision and the transformative power of LMS 365, connect with him on LinkedIn or explore the innovative solutions at LMS 365.

This episode of the Lead What Levity podcast not only peeled back layers on the necessity of nurturing talent but also served as a beacon for those looking to foster an environment where people are encouraged to grow, stay, and thrive.

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