Making Website Magic

Burnout as a Web Designer & Developer

September 07, 2021 Sam Muñoz & Karyn Paige Season 1 Episode 20
Making Website Magic
Burnout as a Web Designer & Developer
Show Notes

We live in a society that rewards hyper-productivity that inevitably leads to overwhelm and burnout. That’s why episode 20 of MAKING WEBSITE MAGIC is an open conversation about burnout as a web designer and developer - plus what we’ve been doing to mitigate it at Team SMC.

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Here are just a few of the things we discuss during this episode:

  • Questions to ask yourself to self-identify if you are experiencing burnout. 
  • The internal and external factors that lead to burnout and how we can recognize them as such. 
  • Ways in which you as a web designer and developer might be experiencing burnout and the toxic business habits that lead to it. 
  • Sustainable business practices we use to mitigate burnout at Team SMC.

Remember: You are the OWNER of the business - it is important to take care of yourself because you are irreplaceable. You don’t have to subject yourself to hustle-culture and working 24/7, you can choose to let your flame burn sustainably instead of burning out. Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive empowerment to step boldly into your web design business and to hear even more about the points outlined above.

Thank you for listening!

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