Carefully Examining the Text

Psalm 69

January 02, 2023 Tommy Peeler Season 3 Episode 69
Carefully Examining the Text
Psalm 69
Show Notes

This is a psalm of individual lament.

69:1-5 David describes his destress. It is as if he is drowning in deep waters and he cannot find his footing.

69:6-12 His suffering has come upon him specifically because of his love for God and God's house.

69:13-19 He appeals to God to rescue him because of God's lovingkindness, truth or faithfulness, and His compassion.

69:20-21 There is no one to comfort him in his distress.

69:22-28 He asks God to judge his adversaries in ways they sought to judge others

69:29-36 Praise to God
As is so often the case, pouring out his problems in distress have led to God's deliverance.