Carefully Examining the Text

Psalm 82 Part 2

May 25, 2023 Tommy Peeler
Carefully Examining the Text
Psalm 82 Part 2
Show Notes

The first podcast on Psalm 82 dealt with the question of who are the "gods" or "judges" of vs. 1 in whose midst God rules.

82:2-4 How long will you continue to judge unjustly?
vs. 3-4 use four imperatives to describe what the judges should have done.
vs. 3-4 some six terms are used to describe those who should have been the objects of the judges' mercy.

82:6 I said "You are gods"
82:7 These gods are told that they will die like men
Let apply this to our interpretation of vs. 1.
What is it speaks of pagan gods?
The problem, Is the true God affirming the reality of the pagan gods?
What if it speaks of wicked angels or spirits? Is this then a reference to the fact that judgment will fall upon wicked spirits and angels- Matt. 25:41; II Peter 2:4; Jude 6
What if it speaks of human judges?
If it does, would the fact they would die even need to be said? Apparently yes if we look at Isaiah 14:3-21 and Ezekiel 28:1-10.

All dominion belongs to God

John 10:34
quotes Psalm 82:6.
Jesus is charged with blasphemy "in making Himself out to be God."  The Father sanctified and sent the Son into the world- John 10:36.

How does Jesus fulfill Psalm 82?
He is judges of all- John 5:22-27
He rescues- Gal. 1:4- and delivers- Col. 1:13
Jesus brings mercy to the weak and poor- Isaiah 11:1-5; Matt. 5:3; 11:5; Luke 4:18; 6:20
He dies like man- Heb. 2:9
He arises- Mark 8:31; 9:9-10, 32; 10:34
His death and resurrection shake the earth- Matt. 27:51; 28:2