Letters I'll Never Send

Episode 16: Thunder

July 01, 2021 Letters I'll Never Send Season 1 Episode 16
Letters I'll Never Send
Episode 16: Thunder
Show Notes

Kate finally sees Marina after many years, and Sadie has a revelation about her relationship with Kate. Marina, Sadie, and Zora go to the beach. Kim shares more news about her health.

This show will contain mentions of a suicide attempt, addiction, anxiety, child abuse and neglect, death, depression, homophobia, internalized misogyny, racism, self-harm, serious illness, and transphobia.

Content of this episode includes mentions of a suicide attempt, anxiety, death depression, child neglect, serious illness, and transphobia. For more mental health resources, check out the National Institute of Mental Health at nimh.nih.gov.

Please take care of yourself while listening and reach out for help if you need it. Enjoy the podcast!

Letters I’ll Never Send. Episode 16. Thunder.


Dulce Valencia-Sanchez as Sadie Goldman, Jhannelle Dionne as Zora Walker, Jenna Ng Lowry as Kim Salazar, Chris Baer as Terry Hamilton, Aïcha Martine Thaim as Marina Goldman-Walker, and Rachael Langton as Kate Goldman. 

Letters I’ll Never Send was written by Nicole Zelniker and adapted by Dulce Valencia and Nicole Zelniker. 

Editing and sound design by Joe Dexter. 

Music by Jacob Derwin. 

Letters I’ll Never Send is executive produced by Dulce Valencia and Nicole Zelniker, and directed by Justyn Melrose.