Common Good Podcast

Peter Block: The Ownership Conversation

June 28, 2022
Common Good Podcast
Peter Block: The Ownership Conversation
Show Notes

The Common Good podcast is a conversation about the significance of place, eliminating economic isolation and the structure of belonging.  This is the third episode in a series of 6 episodes focusing on the 6 conversations from Peter Block’s work. We began with the invitation conversation and the possibility conversation and today we will focus on the ownership conversation.  The final three conversations for the next three episodes are dissent, commitment and gifts.  These conversations are designed to occur in small groups, seeking to produce transformation in communities.

You can find more about the conversations in Peter's book, Community: Structure of Belonging, and from these videos on Peter's website.

The recited poem is “Prayer During a Flood" by Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp.

Inside each of us
An ocean
Of roaring waves,
And amid the endless torrent of water
There is an island.
Your toes find the sandy bottom
Your feet the dry ground
On that island
An altar
Do you see it?
The sacred spot
Where you lay down
Your fear
Your panic
Your obsessions
Your loneliness, anger, and suffering
the thrashing rhythm of your soul
dies in that place.
So, leave it there.
An offering to the Source
A blood letting price you pay to live
The flood waters.
The boat you are building
Loves your sea legs
Reminds you
That you have oceans within you
That you know how to take the waters
One wave at a time
Until you emerge
Into your fullest self
And breathe air again.

This episode was hosted by Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp, produced by Joey Taylor and the music is from Jeff Gorman. You can find more information about the Common Good Collective and the reader here. Common Good Podcast is a production of Bespoken Live and Common Change - Eliminating Personal Economic Isolation.