Beneath Your Beautiful
106. Timothy Bolen is making a difference with 2Gether We Live, a nonprofit that provides positive life experiences through running and multi-sport events, not only for the athlete with disabilities, but also for the parents and support athletes
106. Timothy Bolen is making a difference with 2Gether We Live, a nonprofit that provides positive life experiences through running and multi-sport events, not only for the athlete with disabilities, but also for the parents and support athletes 36:21 105. Latoya Shauntay Snell is a potty-mouthed, sponsored endurance athlete, body politics activist, motivational speaker and blogger of Running Fat Chef. She went viral after sharing her story about being heckled at the NYC marathon 59:12 104. Marc David, M.A., author and founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating is on a mission to help people create an empowered relationship with food and body, and learn to use their challenges as a pathway for transformation 37:46 103. Anita Morris is a best-selling author and transformational speaker, sharing messages of hope, perseverance, and triumph after having gone through two of the most devastating trials of her life 31:03 102. Mary Anne Ruddis is the Executive Director of Elevations, a writer, and a Certified Grief Educator. Mary Anne knows intimately about the world of grief as she has lost her husband and two of her three children 30:29 101. Jeanine Grayson experienced a transformational mindset shift amidst a cancer battle that unleashed the courage and confidence to take action and rebuild a new life. She now helps others unlock their untapped potential to shed self-doubt 23:31 100. Mary Anne Em Radmacher is an artist, poet, author, introvert and entrepreneur whose work, among many other honors, hangs in Oprah’s headquarters. In this candid conversation we discuss anxiety and other difficult topics such as forgiving our moms 33:26 099. Anna Cheney is a life and health coach. Through her own healing journey, she turned her past difficult life experiences into her purpose. Now, she helps others by sharing tools that helps them live and feel better 20:45 098. Rev. Ronnie Roll is an interfaith minister, relationship coach, specializing in conflict resolution & DEI and owns a couples retreat getaway. She believes life is all about love and helps people reconnect, rejuvenate and renew all their relationships 36:15 097. Magie Cook grew up in poverty in a Mexican orphanage. From being homeless to starting a salsa company with $800 and later selling to Campbell’s for $231 million, her story of resilience will inspire you to discover your own hidden personal power! 25:09 096. Nirvana Marie has been struggling much of her life with chronic pain. She has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, POTS, and a spinal cord tumor. After a divorce and a lot of mindset work, she has a positive attitude and is helping others find theirs 38:02 095. Edy Nathan MA, LCSWR, author, public speaker and licensed therapist. In her expertise as a grief therapist she interweaves her formal training as a psychotherapist with breathwork, guided imagery, ritual and storytelling 23:28 094. Kara Goodwin shares meditation through live classes, online programs, workshops, and retreats. She’s an adept leader who excels at helping people connect with the innate calmness within them 22:29 093. Harry J Turner, The Nocturnal Therapist, has dedicated his life to helping others break through personal barriers and overcome life’s challenges while having the audacity to live a life that reflects who they truly are 40:26 092. Lynette Huffman Johnson is founder of Soulumination: celebrating the lives of children and parents facing life-threatening conditions by providing professional photography services and custom legacy photo gifts, free of charge 37:20 091. Mary Henderson is a heart-centered, compassionate and tenacious entrepreneur who thrives on human transformation and witnessing people fulfill their dreams by becoming authorities in their niche or industry 23:11 090. Tip Meta is a motivational speaker, author and coach. She has been married, divorced, homeless, and a single mom. Tip teaches people how to use the story they are living to empower them and rewire their brain for positivity 19:15 089. Jenna Smith, speaker, singer, coach and author, provides a tangible framework for people to access their untapped resources in order to live a life of purpose, deep confidence and self-trust and to live fully as their ideal self, permanently 35:05 088. Victor Manzo Jr is a coach, certified pediatric chiropractor, podcaster, speaker and author of 3 books, including, "Decoding The Matrix." Dr. Vic has helped 100s of entrepreneurs learn how to create their dream life effortlessly 22:26 087. Andrew Lang, author of “Unmasking the Inner Critic: Lessons for Living an Unconstricted Life,” facilitates workshops helping people to navigate their inner lives and explore their sense of identity and spirituality 32:52 086. Marci Warhaft, coach & author of “The Good Stripper: A Soccer Mom's Memoir of Lies, Loss and Lapdances”. After battling a severe eating disorder as a result of traumas & low self-worth, she found the strength to regain her health and reclaim her life 28:44 085. Elin Adcock is care advocate for her husband Larry, who at the age of 57 was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia and ALS. These neurodegenerative diseases bring an inevitable decline in functioning, with memory relatively preserved 47:11 084. Kevin Palmieri CFO, Founder & Co-Host of Next Level University podcast had a beautiful girlfriend, high paying job, sports car, his dream body, but still ended up sitting on the edge of a bed debating suicide. Now he impacts people all over the world 16:39 083. Johnny Crowder is a suicide/abuse survivor, TEDx speaker, touring musician, mental health advocate, and the Founder & CEO of Cope Notes, a text-based mental health platform that provides daily support to users in nearly 100 countries around the world 23:23 082. Karin Freeland is a certified life and reinvention coach dedicated to helping women get unstuck. She is also a talented author pushing the boundaries of humor in her tell-all book: The Ins and Outs of My Vagina: A Penetrating Memoir 29:11