Beneath Your Beautiful
154. Kristina Strong, Ph.D. is a personal resilience coach. She teaches women how to find balance and peace within themselves, to lean into self-compassion during challenging times and to challenge the inner critic that holds them back
154. Kristina Strong, Ph.D. is a personal resilience coach. She teaches women how to find balance and peace within themselves, to lean into self-compassion during challenging times and to challenge the inner critic that holds them back 15:41 153. Brenda Nearpass, real estate agent and recent author had her life turned upside down when she went in for a sinus infection and was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. Since her surgery, she has helped others and has become an inspiration to many 17:22 152. Katrina Byrd, writer, playwright, and as her alter ego, Boa Flouncer, she encourages followers to be themselves. When Katrina's partner died from ALS, Byrd’s advocacy work began. “If who I am offends you, then, honey, prepare yo’self!” 13:35 151. Jenn Drummond, author, and founder and CEO of a financial services company, was in a horrific car accident that brought her inches from death. Realizing she can choose HOW she lives and not when she'll die, she now spends her time inspiring others 17:22 150. Molly Allen, daughter of Ellen Travolta, is a Spokane, WA radio personality, a playright, a mom, a grandma, a girlfriend to fireman Ken and is co-founder of Safety Net, an organization that helps kids who age out of the foster care system 25:48 149. Andrea Johnson’s passion is to equip female leaders to trust their ability to think critically, create imaginatively and lead effectively. Uncovering and understanding the significance of her own core values is the key to her process 22:34 148. Paul Zolman, Love Language Linguist, shares his journey from a background of anger to understanding the significance of love. He developed a cube game which helps us understand and implement the Five Love Languages in daily life 10:42 147. The ups and downs of being a stepparent. Host Hara Allison chats with Corrie Woods, Timothy Plotzki, Melanie, Teevee Natividad Aguirre, Janelle, Heatherann Woods and Rebecca Mielke 34:29 146. Darius Wallace was broke, homeless and struggling with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts and now helps others. He’s been in Hollywood movies, was a TEDx Memphis coach for years and teaches methods of self improvement through meditation 28:33 145. Kimberly Braun, author, TEDx speaker, former meditation faculty at Omega Institute, was also a monastic nun. With a master's in theology coupled with ordination, she lives to inspire others to connect to, and live from, Divine Love at their center 22:51 144. Maureen Kritzer-Lange MSW, LCSW is a Psychoanalyst specializing in treating eating disorders (relationship with food, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating), depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and self-esteem 20:38 143. Robin Andrus, school psychologist and single mom, discusses her experience of adopting a special needs child from China. Despite his medical challenges, he is kind, resilient, and teaches Robin the importance of connection and kindness 27:53 142. Marsha Vanwynsbergheis a storytelling NLP Trainer, speaker, publisher & author, 2xs podcaster and is on a mission to help others. She shares her lessons as a parent who dealt with teen substance abuse that tore her family unit apart 31:07 141. Courtney Elmer is a Forbes-featured business consultant and host of AntiFragile Entrepreneurship™ podcast. Drawing on her background in psychology and as a cancer survivor, she helps experts use their voice to create meaningful change in the world 22:32 140. Madhu Das, formerly a monk, is a holistic lifestyle coach, ayurvedic therapist, professional musician, bhakti yoga and kirtan teacher. His mission is to help his clients thrive – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually 25:04 139. Christina Mejia, 34, model, had a mother who was a heroin addict and a father who beat her. She hasn't had it easy, but she “just smooshes the lemons and makes lemonade with extra sugar, cuz I'm sweet!” 17:58 138. Dementia/Alzheimer's: Elin Adcock, Cindy Oster, Aida Vogt, Christie Goforth, Jamie Absalonson, Leslie Woodfill, Natalia Ramos, Sowmya Surapaneni and host Hara Allison share their stories and connections to the disease and what they’ve learned 36:45 137. Morrie Schwartz, from “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom, posthumously releases a new book with his son and book editor Rob Schwartz: “The Wisdom of Morrie: Living and Aging Creatively and Joyfully" 21:46 136. Mary McDirmid, ChSNC, is founder and COO of Special Abilities Network, an organization dedicated to empowering families caring for a loved one with special needs. Mary and her husband also have a child with special abilities 22:17 135. Jan Stewart is a mental health and neurodiversity advocate, author and recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award. She shares her family’s roller coaster journey and inspires and empowers parents to persevere, have hope and know they aren’t alone 17:26 134. Craig Thayer, a Christian trauma surgeon, high-level leader, speaker, and cohost of a radio show, shares his stories of hope, inspiration and belonging. Craig went through tragedy and found triumph and gained strength in adversity 18:00 133. Victoria Pelletier, co-author of Unstoppable, became one of the youngest COOs at the age of 24, a president by 35 and a CEO by 41. She inspires and empowers her team and clients to change mindsets and drive growth in business, leadership and culture 10:10 132. Cyndi Rai, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner at Happiness Hives, is on a mission to help people break free of toxic systems and habits by showing people how to use food as medicine, meditation as medication and the local farmers’ market as a pharmacy 17:00 131. Martina Clark tested HIV-positive and was given five years to live. 30+ years later, her memoir, My Unexpected Life, chronicles her journey of a positive-woman’s perspective of the AIDS pandemic and demonstrates that individuals do change the world 19:24 130. Women + SEX: 13 women (Jen, Stella, Ann, Bethany, Jana, Melissa, Sarah, Aida, Annette, Elin, Susan, Jessica and Melanie) ranging in ages from 26 to 64 openly discuss sex – from faking orgasms, masturbation, toys, labias, saying no and more! 1:03:57