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#181: James and Anjali Young on Collab.Land and Token Gated Communities

November 24, 2022 Episode 181
CryptoNews Podcast
#181: James and Anjali Young on Collab.Land and Token Gated Communities
Show Notes

James and Anjali Young are the Co-Founders of Collab.Land, a digital concierge for tokenized communities.

James, the CEO of Collab.Land, has founded and grown web-based companies since the early 2000s and was the first developer for Meta’s (formerly Facebook) game Farmville, and worked in previous roles as a software and flash developer. An early member of the crypto community, James co-wrote a white paper on token-curated registries in 2017, was a co-creator of the Moloch DAO framework, and co-summoner of MetaCartel. James is proud to be involved in the evolution of the Internet by empowering individuals through digital ownership. In 2019, he co-founded Abridged, a parent company of Collab.Land, supporting collaborative economies with access to seamless blockchain UX. 

Anjali, the CCO of Collab.Land, has been participating in and leading  online communities since 1993, as both a member and a moderator. She worked as a lawyer, an adjunct professor, and in the tech startup industry for 20 years. As Anjali’s interest in crypto and passion for web2 inclusion grew, she looked to build an equitable system for all of humanity. In addition to her interest in web3 community collaboration, Anjali is an artist who has a passion for NFTs and creativity and is an advocate for all artists. 

In this conversation, we discuss:
- Developing Farmville
- Token Gating
- Growth during the 2021 NFT bull run
- Building out digital communities
- Providing a safe space for token holders
- The importance of a pro-social moment within web3 users
- Future of AI and crypto
- Power of social media
- Tools for community building
- What is success

Twitter: @Collab_Land_

James Young
Twitter: @jamesyoung
LinkedIn: James Young

Anjali Young
Twitter: @damaderoca
LinkedIn: Anjali Young
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