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#198: Marc Seal, CEO of Sortium, on Creating Web3 Games, Crypto/Metaverse Trademarks, and AI

January 23, 2023 Episode 198
CryptoNews Podcast
#198: Marc Seal, CEO of Sortium, on Creating Web3 Games, Crypto/Metaverse Trademarks, and AI
Show Notes
Marc Seal is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sortium. With over a decade of experience in the technology industry, Marc has a proven track record of successful product builds and team leadership while partnering with major industry leaders, such as Marvel, Fox, Lucasfilm, Toho, MLB, and more.

Marc’s early exposure to game consoles and the film industry sparked his initial interest in how entertainment experiences were created, an interest that would lead to his entrance into the industry. He went on to work with the Topps Company, building their NFT business, and working with top-tier brands like Disney, which introduced him to the right partners and technological access to help launch his latest company, Sortium.

In this conversation, we discuss:
- Living in El Salvador
- Expanding access and ownership to build digital worlds
- The rise in Crypto/Metaverse Trademarks
- CosmoGene - AI with web3-reinforced synthetic DNA
- Tokenizing simulated live gameplay
- The future of web3 gaming
- Themes and trends of 2023
- Hot takes

Twitter: @Sortium
LinkedIn: Sortium

Twitter: @CosmoGene

Marc Seal
Twitter: @Kurcide
Instagram: @kurcide
LinkedIn: Marc Seal

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