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#282: Tara Fung, CEO of Co:Create, on How Web3 Loyalty Can Onboard Brands to Web3

November 13, 2023 Episode 282
CryptoNews Podcast
#282: Tara Fung, CEO of Co:Create, on How Web3 Loyalty Can Onboard Brands to Web3
Show Notes

Tara Fung is the Co-Founder & CEO of Co:Create. Tara is a growth-oriented leader who enables innovative brands to unlock the power of their community through gamified, self-owned reward programs. With a background as Chief Revenue Officer of Alto, a leading cryptoIRA and digital asset IRA custodian, Tara forged partnerships with institutional crypto asset managers, driving a staggering 25X revenue growth in just 18 months.

She also served as Chief Commercial Officer at a consumer lending FinTech firm, spearheading an advocacy campaign to change the tax treatment of employer-sponsored student loan repayment programs. Her efforts resulted in the passage of this initiative as part of the CARES Act. Tara holds degrees from Harvard Business School and the University of South Carolina.

In this conversation, we discuss:
- How Web3 loyalty is an upgrade on traditional loyalty programs
- How Web3 loyalty can help onboard brands to Web3
- Tattoos on the blockchain
- How can the eCommerce industry benefit from Web3 technologies as a whole
- Why the intersection of web3 and luxury fashion will be one of the most popular use cases
- Co:Create Ink — ten world famous tattoo artists enter web3 loyalty
- Co:Create Studios
- Delta changing their loyalty program
- Owning the experience layer
- The power of APIs

X: @usecocreate

Tara Fung
X: @nonfungibletara
LinkedIn: Tara Fung
Instagram: @tara_fung

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