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The Gift of Following - Valeria Solomonoff

April 27, 2021 Season 1 Episode 1
Lead & Follow
The Gift of Following - Valeria Solomonoff
Show Notes

Valeria Solomonoff shares her experience of leading and following as a professional tango dancer and within her teaching relationships with her tango students in New York City. This is a passionate and personal interview of shared stories and provocative questions around the powerful polarities of masculinity/femininity and leading/following.

“The kind of preparation for the follower is more like a state of being, a lot will be provided by who that person is.” 

“We are only recently paying massive attention to collaboration, even in education.”

“Yes, I lead the class but [the students] are the ones who provide me the opportunity to see things new, and in that sense I think that I am following them.”

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