Lead & Follow

Back & Forth - Laurie Ann Greenberg & Blaise Barshaw

May 17, 2021 Season 1 Episode 3
Lead & Follow
Back & Forth - Laurie Ann Greenberg & Blaise Barshaw
Show Notes

Artists Laurie Ann Greenberg and Blaise Barshaw in Spokane, Washington talk about about how they go back and forth when they collaborate on projects together, especially on their current project, the Camp Taps Beer Trailer, and about how getting an initial "no" might be just one of many steps in the co-creative dance. They also share charming and practical insights about co-creating their life together as a couple, and how to lead and follow yourself.

“It’s really about listening and not getting yourself ahead of that.”

“You have to do both at different times. You have to be a leader and a follower.”

“If I'm doing my own project, I have to think about what I’m going to do, and then I have to give that up and let the follower in me do the plan.”

Laurie Ann Greenberg Fiber Art
IG @rovinggoddess

Laurie Ann Greenberg Visual Art
IG @laurieann58

Blaise Barshaw Visual Art
IG @blaisebarshawart

Camp Taps Beer Trailer
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