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Supporting Each Other - Janice Shack-Marquez

August 09, 2021 Sharna Fabiano Season 1 Episode 10
Lead & Follow
Supporting Each Other - Janice Shack-Marquez
Show Notes

I talk with coach and educator Janice Shack-Marquez about communication skills, Fierce Conversations, and what she learned over her 30-year career at the Federal Reserve, helping new managers in particular learn how to both lead and follow in all directions: up, down, sideways and diagonally! Our conversation includes some great insights about the power of giving and receiving effective feedback from both leading and following positions. Since retiring from the Fed in 2015, Janice has taught and coached at George Washington University, the University of Maryland and for several federal agencies.

"As you move up in an organization the opportunity to get feedback on your performance grows smaller and smaller."

"We can help each other be better at what we do if we look at it as a way of supporting each other not fixing each other."

"We need to be able to work in places where we can talk about the things that are important." 

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Episode References
Fierce Conversations, Susan Scott
The Courageous Follower, Ira Chaleff

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