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Relating to Place - Tara Laidlaw

August 30, 2021 Sharna Fabiano Season 1 Episode 11
Lead & Follow
Relating to Place - Tara Laidlaw
Show Notes

Tara Laidlaw has worked at the intersection of formal and informal education for nearly 15 years, serving as a program manager, instructional designer, frontline facilitator, and teacher trainer for organizations from coast to coast. Her specialty is place-based education, and she has used farms, forests, meadows, and mountains as classrooms for learners of all ages. We explore the intrinsic dance of leading and following in the learning process as well as in the human relationship with land and nature.

"The natural world provides an opportunity for both teachers and learners to practice the lead and follow relationship in real time."

"There’s a place to be a leader as a student, but that depends a lot on your teacher being willing to step into the follower role."

"Taking your cues from the landscape that has been here for millions of years is perhaps the smart thing to do." 

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