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Followership in Professional Development - Brian Rook

September 07, 2021 Sharna Fabiano Season 1 Episode 12
Lead & Follow
Followership in Professional Development - Brian Rook
Show Notes

Brian Rook shares some compelling examples of professional development programs he's developed that focus specifically on followership, and that have achieved wild success in multiple industries. As Assistant VP of Training at Lincoln Financial Group in Fort Wayne,  Brian is responsible for the continuous development of professionals in advisor and securities operations. He is also an active researcher and publisher in leadership and followership and has spoken at multiple international conferences. Prior to joining Lincoln, he worked in leadership positions in the healthcare sector.

"Most of the time alienated followers have been exemplary followers. Something has happened that has compromised the trust."

"A lot of times we think, ‘we’ve played this game before,’ but we won’t take the time to listen and learn before we engage, and it's important to illustrate the risks of that."

"I openly talk about leading and following with my team."

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