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Trust, Followership, and Leadership in Non-Profit Change Processes - Tom Klaus

October 09, 2021 Sharna Fabiano Season 1 Episode 13
Lead & Follow
Trust, Followership, and Leadership in Non-Profit Change Processes - Tom Klaus
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Show Notes

Reflecting on his long career working with with non-profits, Dr. Tom Klaus shares the important difference between “buy-in” and true ownership, how content experts and context experts must lead and follow one another, and what 7th graders taught him about relational trust.  We explore his approach to collective change leadership, examine why leaders must occasionally (or often) step deliberately into the follower role, and consider what the term “collective followership” might mean!

“The paradigm shift is from buy-in to ownership, which invites people to participate and have a voice and a say in how the change effects them.”

“The degree to which you establish a relationship based on integrity and honesty is the degree to which you will grow trust.”

“It cannot be one-way. I cannot just, as a leader, be trusting followers. Followers need to be trusting me as well.”

“You only build trust and respect through a very conscious and intentional decision to act with integrity toward [another] person. And to let integrity really be the bell weather of your relationship.”

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Tamarack Institute

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