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Supportive Communication - Carri Dominick

January 09, 2022 Sharna Fabiano Season 1 Episode 17
Lead & Follow
Supportive Communication - Carri Dominick
Show Notes

Dr. Carri Dominick is a physical therapist and lifelong athlete. We talk through the dynamics of collaboration on her volleyball team, and how the players lead and follow one another during actual, moment-to-moment game play. Even though players do have formal roles on a competitive team, their actual leading and following actions are fluid based on who has the ball and where it's going next. Strategic verbal communication is a key followership skill that athletes train in from the beginning, and get better and better at over time.

“It’s very moment by moment who’s the leader who’s the follower.”

“Like any other skill, over time you build more and better communication.”

“Your team mates are checking out the surroundings and helping support you.”

“The key to success is everyone supporting whoever has the ball.”

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