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Lightness & Play - Tova Moreno

January 22, 2022 Sharna Fabiano Season 1 Episode 18
Lead & Follow
Lightness & Play - Tova Moreno
Show Notes

Tova Moreno is a theatrical tailor in NYC. She shares her observations of leading and following in her work with her mentor, Artur Allakhverdyan, at Artur & Tailors, Ltd. in New York City.  We explore the role of play and lightness in sustaining healthy working relationships over time, and how she expresses these qualities through both followership and leadership. 

“Play can create richness and depth of connection and that can strongly and positively influence the work environment and make work flow better.”

“Trust is what enables play to happen, and for me, play is what enables work satisfaction to happen.”

“I help bring lightness and play so that everybody can enjoy, and we can have a beautiful life while doing our work.”

Episode References:

Dr. Barbara Kellerman

Artur & Tailors

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