FASD Family Life

FASD Awareness on the Rise in Scotland

September 09, 2021 Robbie Seale / Maryelen McPhail Season 1 Episode 25
FASD Family Life
FASD Awareness on the Rise in Scotland
Show Notes

Welcome to FASD Family Life, the podcast where we get REAL about raising children and youth with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. I am your host, Robbie Seale, mom of five children; four by adoption, each prenatally exposed to alcohol, substances, and trauma.  My kids and I know the struggle is REAL and so is success.

I hope that by sharing my experiences and training you will not feel so alone. There is hope for you and your child with FASD. Let me tell you how one episode at a time. We are in this together.

This week my guest, Maryelen McPhail, will share her journey as an adoptive mother needing support to creating a not for profit Oshay's FASD to support others in her community in Scotland. Desperation often is the mother of invention!

Oshay's FASD is run by mother and daughter team, Maryelen and Paula McPhail. Oshay's FASD offers parenting classes, supports for families, child/youth programs and FASD training.
Including FASCETS 6 part webinar series beginning Sept 8th. I have included the Oshay's FASD link below if you want more information.

Maryelen says the team at Oshay's are excited to put on their RED SHOES this September and get out there make FASD known in their community.


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