Around The Block

School stories

April 27, 2021 STAMMA Season 1 Episode 5
Around The Block
School stories
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Gemma & Matty look back on their school days and the times when they had to  introduce themselves on the first day of term or read aloud in class - things which can be really scary for children who stammer.

They chat about the good and bad experiences they had from teachers, and the things they wish could have been done better.

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains mention of sexual assault, which might be triggering for some listeners. It is mentioned briefly and not at length.

In a special segment at 25:46, Abed Ahmed, a teacher who stammers gives tips for other teachers for making things easier for the child who stammers, and gives advice for children who stammer themselves. Abed is a maths teacher and former STAMMA Trustee, and he runs an online support group for 5-16-year-olds who stammer.  You can follow Abed on Twitter using @stammer_teacher.

STAMMA is the UK national charity for people who stammer. If you're at school, see our website for information on coping with stammering at school. If you're a teacher, see our resources for creating a stammering-friendly classroom. Become a STAMMA member for free. Visit for information & support. Start a webchat or call our helpline.

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Gemma tells us how she's getting on in her new job
Matty & Gemma share their stories of stammering at school
Teacher who stammers Abed Ahmed gives tips for teachers on creating a stammering-friendly environment in the classroom for children who stammer