Career Switch Podcast: Actionable advice for your career change

35: Leaving media: Career change for editors

June 27, 2023 Season 3 Episode 35
Career Switch Podcast: Actionable advice for your career change
35: Leaving media: Career change for editors
Show Notes

If you're an editor who's been affected by the layoffs in journalism and media, this episode is for you! I chat with editorial recruiter Chandra Turner, founder of The Talent Fairy, a recruiting agency that specializes in placing editorial talent.  

Chandra was a top editor at consumer magazines, such as CosmoGirl and Parents, before she was laid off in 2017. Today, she works with large corporations, startups and nonprofits across a variety of industries to connect them with editors and content creators. She’s also a career coach, who helps editorial professionals transition out of traditional media.    

In this episode of Career Switch Podcast,  Chandra and I talk about how media is changing and how editors can switch to other industries that need their editorial skills. We also cover the biggest challenges many editors face when leaving media and how to handle them.

Episode Highlights:
• How media is changing
• Why editors make the best hires
• Industries looking to hire editors
• Resources for journalists and editors who are leaving media
• Believing you can transition out of media
• New terminology for content creation: content marketing, brand publishing, branded  and sponsored content, affiliate marketing
• Surprising results of Chandra’s annual survey of editors 

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Career Boot Camp for Editors: next session starts 9/11/23!


Where Editors Go Next—An Ongoing List of Pivot-able Industries by Chandra Turner

2024 Editorial Hiring Report by TheTalentFairy

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