Career Switch Podcast: Actionable advice for your career change

44: The power of networking for POC & First Gens

October 31, 2023 Season 3 Episode 44
Career Switch Podcast: Actionable advice for your career change
44: The power of networking for POC & First Gens
Show Notes

As a person of color (POC) and/or first-generation professional, your family’s culture and background likely influenced your beliefs, which can now impact your making a career change.

Dani Tan is a leadership and career coach, who works with POC and First Gens who are often the first, few or only in their space. Dani reveals how the scarcity mindset from our parents can affect our career choices. And she shares how the power of networking can reset our thinking. 

Dani, who is Asian Latina and first generation, also teaches us how to let go of some career lessons we learned as kids. And, we tackle guilt, that overwhelming feeling that can keep POC and First Gens from making a career switch. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Common career-change fears for POC and First Gens
  • How the scarcity mindset of your parents affects your career choices
  • Why networking is especially important for POC and first-generation professionals
  • Building a community of role models, mentors, sponsors and allies
  • How networking can quiet the fears of making a career change
  • Highlight Reel and Words of Empowerment exercises to tackle self-doubt
  • Connecting with other POC and first-gen professionals
  • Dealing with guilt about wanting to change careers
  • Releasing “survival mode” to find a new career that'll make you happy
  • Highlighting those skills that make you special as a POC and First Gen
  • Letting go of the “put your head down and just work hard” mentality

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