A Server's Journey

A Server's Moment: Create Connections

August 14, 2018
A Server's Journey
A Server's Moment: Create Connections
A Server's Journey
A Server's Moment: Create Connections
Aug 14, 2018
Rocky DeStefano
A simple lesson in leading
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It's always good to talk to everyone

Speaker 1:
This is your servers moment. Every moment is a part of a survivor's journey and we hope this moment will be motivational for you for your journey of serving your customers, your coworkers, or your family. I'm jeff lengthen and here's Today's servers moment. Make no mistake about it. You are getting ready to go into battle,
Speaker 2:
so here's something you can do to be a better server today. The ability to read others does not come naturally to some people figuring out how to navigate an interaction with someone in order to quickly create a momentary rapport with them. Takes a keen eye and then the 10 of year, for example, pay attention to what a person is wearing. Find something that you can compliment them on and use that as a way to start a conversation. This could range from acknowledging someone's earrings to inquiring about the meaning behind their elaborate tattoo. Little moments like this can really help set the mood for the rest of your interaction with them. For instance, when I worked at chick filet, a customer walked in with a really awesome t shirt of a video game that I really liked, and then from there on out he and I would always just go off the video games when he came into the store. This little bit of a compliment and just paying attention really helped develop a great rapport and a long lasting relationship for years to come when he would come into the store, creating conversations, even if only for a moment, can establish positive report and longterm relationship.
Speaker 3:
That's it for this moment. Thanks Jeff for sharing that low. Remember, we all have these moments that will help make our journey better. I want to remind you that on Wednesdays, rocky Destefano does a deep dive here on the servers journey as he shares his insights and chats with servant leaders from around the country. Subscribe and connect with us each week. Thanks for joining us. As together, we learned to be better leaders.

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