Agile Leaders Conversations – Insights From Leading Positive Change in the VUCA World
20: Co-Founder of Sinofy Group, Kema Bae on Leading with Vulnerability and Openness
20: Co-Founder of Sinofy Group, Kema Bae on Leading with Vulnerability and Openness 19:46 19: School Board Chairperson, Hwee Peng Tan on Being Inspiring, Approachable, and a Long-Term Thinker 19:18 18: HR Director, Earn Meng Chan on Leading in Crisis with Empathy 15:17 17: HR Leader and Change Coach, Raymond Tay on Developing a Winning Leadership Formula 17:14 16: OD Consultant, Vinesh Sukumaran on Building Better Business and Lives 19:30 15: Business Advisory, Kiran Mann on Leading With Clear Vision & Human-Centeredness 23:07 14: Chief Transformation Officer, Frederic Ducros on Getting Out of a Chaotic Business Situation 21:41 13: Enterprise Agile Coach, Fadly Rasyad on Why Most Transformations Fail 19:57 12: Leadership Consultant, May Tuck Wong on Aligning Head, Heart and Gut 22:43 11: Agility Consultant and Author, Sunil Mundra on Enterprise Agility 24:42 10: Entrepreneur, Kristian Thorbjornsen on Agile Mindset for Business Innovation 16:19 9: Head of Business Development, Andrew Shuttleworth on Agile Leaders and Agile Systems 13:40 8: Lenovo Singapore General Manager Ronnie Lee on Continuous Learning Infinite Possibilities 15:32 7: Sales Director, Christian Kastner on Personal Mastery for Peak Performance 13:28 6: Synergy Financial Advisers, Neo Ley Lee on Leading and Supporting Teams in Times of Uncertainty 13:42 5: Gen-Z Social Innovation Advocate, Metta Ni on How Future Leaders can Prepare Themselves 12:58 4: VP of Qatar Airways Southeast Asia, Jared Lee on Staying Ahead in the Pandemic 13:01 3: HR Director Tang Li Chow on The Future of Human Resources 21:06 2: CEO Balasubramanian Venkatesh on Navigating The Complexities in Future Workplaces 17:24 1: Regional Information Security Officer, Daryl Chew on Building Trust in The Workplace 24:13