Youth Ally

All About Consent

September 26, 2022 Enough is Enough Season 1 Episode 7
Youth Ally
All About Consent
Show Notes

**TRIGGER WARNING** - This episode explores heavy themes and discussions on consent, sexual assault and its impacts. Please practice self-care when listening to this episode and opt out of listening at any time if you begin to experience distress. Support services information can be found at the bottom of this episode's description.

"We act as if there is a single traffic light, red or green. But sex is a road lined with intersections, which way to go, when to slow down, to yield, to stop, to speed up" - Chanel Miller.

Today's episode of the Youth Ally podcast explores the topic of consent with Amy from the MMYF and Leannie from the Southern Sydney Sexual Assault Service. Amy and Leannie have informative and powerful conservations on the difference between NSW's old vs. updated consent laws, the spectrum of sexual assault and its impacts, and how to safely discuss consent and personal boundaries with first-time and ongoing sexual partners.

For further support contact:
Enough is Enough Anti Violence Movement Inc. on 9542 4029
Southern Sydney Sexual Assault Service on 02 9113 2494 or
1800 Respect on 1800 737 732 or find more information at
Full Stop Australia on 1800 385 578 or
Kids Help Line on 1800 55 1800
For emergencies contact 000