Item 13: An African Food Podcast

African Food Flavors with Freda Muyambo (Part 1)

July 03, 2018 Season 1 Episode 7
Item 13: An African Food Podcast
African Food Flavors with Freda Muyambo (Part 1)
Item 13: An African Food Podcast
African Food Flavors with Freda Muyambo (Part 1)
Jul 03, 2018 Season 1 Episode 7
esSense 13
African Food Flavors with Freda Muyambo, My Burnt Orange
Show Notes

Freda Muyambo is a food blogger and writer with expertise in African cuisine and a passion for sharing African culture through food. She often describes herself as having a pan-African palate, having been born and raised in Botswana to Ghanaian parents and travelling extensively across Africa. She has explored culinary cultures across the broad and bold topic of African cuisine and will often experiment with using ingredients in a new way. 

Freda currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria, where she is acquiring primary knowledge in the use of local flavours, indigenous fruits and spices. One of her greatest accomplishments has been developing a creative recipe using a local Nigerian fruit, Agbalumo, the African Cherry; incorporating it into a dessert she has named “Agbalumo Blondie.” She has pitched it to supermarkets and successfully sold it as a new bakery item in Lagos, adding to the food value chain and culinary history of the country. Freda continues to explore how she can use indigenous produce to promote food security within Africa. 

Her position as one of Africa's most innovative food experts was cemented in December 2015 during a live BBC interview where she presented yam pasta, a novel pasta dough recipe she had invented just the night before, using West African yams. Up until this point, there was no other record of yam pasta having been made. She has also had features on CNN and the African Economist as one of Africa’s top food bloggers. She has written for various online and offline publications including IAC Media ( Spruce Eats), The Guardian, Radiant Health Magazine and co-authored a spice book published by Penguin Random House group this coming October 2018. Her expertise is highly sought after, where she works with local and international brands developing recipes to help them reach new markets.

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