Le Guess Who? presents The Big Playback

The Big Playback: DJ Fitz: The Birth of a Scene - Part 1

November 07, 2022 Le Guess Who? Season 1 Episode 4
Le Guess Who? presents The Big Playback
The Big Playback: DJ Fitz: The Birth of a Scene - Part 1
Show Notes

Le Guess Who? presents 'The Big Playback', a podcast about all things music. For the occasion of Le Guess Who’s 15th Edition, we pay tribute to DJ Fitz- the man, the legend, the only artist to have been on every single lineup. 

In this two part series we dig first into Fitz’s illustrious past in NYC as a DIY show organizer who, along with his Mighty Robot crew, were co-responsible for some of the most exciting early gigs of bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, and Liars, laying the foundation for a soon-to-be-exploding-Brooklyn. 

Hear their eyebrow raising adventures told in their own words, as they describe trailblazing a scene when Williamsburg was still the Wild West, and fill in a few gaps on the days of  Meet Me in the Bathroom.

In Part 2 we will follow Fitz to Berlin and beyond, where he co-founds Kreuzberg venue West Germany, labors to propagate Turkish psych to dance floors across all Hipsterdom, and fully evolves into DJ Fitz-  festival DJ extraordinaire and occasional tag team partner of actor/DJ Elijah Wood & Zach Cowie, as Wooden Wisdom.

Reflecting from present-day Portugal, Fitz shares his insights on what it means to be in the scene for 25 years, the lessons learned along the way, and what we get wrong about the relationship between the underground and big investment.

Featuring interviews with:
John Fitzgerald/DJFitz, Co-founder Mighty Robot & Twisted Ones Production. Etain Fitzpatrick, co-founder of Mighty Robot AV Squad, co-founder of Secret Project Robot; Jeremy Glover, Sound engineer, Mighty Robot;  Rachel Nelson, co-founder Secret Project Robot;  and Erik Zajaceskowski- co-founder Mighty Robot & Secret Project Robot. Brad Truax (Interpol, Soldiers of Fortune, Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue). 

Host of 'The Big Playback' is Margaret Munchheimer, an American visual artist and writer living in the Netherlands, and veteran Le Guess Who? supporter since 2012.

Production: Margaret Munchheimer & Le Guess Who?
Audio Post-Production: Francisco Marujo
Artwork: Jasmine Pasquill
Image: Gonçalo Duarte