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The Kids Are Not Fine | Katy Faust

September 02, 2021 E.J. Season 1 Episode 22
Freedom Families
The Kids Are Not Fine | Katy Faust
Show Notes

Welcome, September!

Our guest today is on fire for children's rights. Her name is Katy Faust and she is a WARRIOR. Katy founded the nonprofit Them Before Us with the aim to give children a voice in the debate over family structure. In this episode, Katy and I focus on divorce, but the conversation leads us to discussions about same-sex parenting, IVF, cohabitation, polygamy, surrogacy, the James Younger case, Pete Buttigieg and more! It is a FANTASTIC interview. One of my favorite so far. You can hear the passion in Katy's voice, she brings logic and reason to her arguments (in addition to the data!) and she speaks in such a way that empowers you to want to be a warrior, too. 

Children's Rights Before Adult Desires

Katy and co-author, Stacy Manning, published years of research and stories this past February in a book by the same name, Them Before Us. "It pairs gold-standard research with hundreds of stories from children, themselves." We had Stacy on in the spring for an excellent overview of many of the issues tackled in their book. If you have not listened to that episode, definitely check it out after this one! 

Them Before Us (from Chapter 1)
"Laws around parenthood are rapidly changing. Mothers and fathers are now considered legally optional and biology is being replaced by "intent" to parent. Functionally, that makes children commodities to be cut and pasted into any/every adult relationship. Unlike adoption, which seeks to protect children by requiring vetting and screening prior to placement, new parenthood laws award children to whichever adult(s) has the money and means to acquire them. And that, my friends, is an injustice that puts both individual children, as well as all of society, at risk. "

Katy's 3 recent What Would You Say Videos -- tremendous resources!!
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