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EP 3 Relationships in the Workplace : Out of Mind MasterClass

November 17, 2022 Angelica Gutierrez
ALN Academy Podcast
EP 3 Relationships in the Workplace : Out of Mind MasterClass
Show Notes

Welcome to the third episode of the Out of Mind MasterClass Series! In this episode, Caroline Karoki, Head of People and Culture at Anjarwalla & Khanna | ALN takes us through:
-Managing unrelenting deadlines
- Relationships in the workplace

Use this link to watch the full video:

In our previous episodes, we covered:
-Defining mental health
-Why work has an impact on our mental health
-The mental health continuum
-Workplace stressors
-Managing an unrelenting workload
-Communicating expectations at work

Use the link below to listen to the first episode|Mental Health in the Workplace :

Use this link to listen to the second episode|Managing Workplace Stressors :

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About the Masterclass:
Over the next six weeks, The ALN Academy, in partnership with Strathmore Law School, guides us through a better understanding of mental health and emotional well-being, how having poor mental health can affect us, methods and resources to assist us to improve our mental health, and much more.

About the instructor:
Caroline Karoki is a seasoned people and culture professional with over twelve years of experience working in leading professional services firms. She is currently the Head of People & Culture at Anjarwalla & Khanna | ALN , the largest Corporate Law Firm in Eastern Africa, where she also supports teams in Tanzania and Dubai.