Vestiges Of Violence

Smoking To Survive

September 17, 2021 HumAngle Season 1 Episode 26
Vestiges Of Violence
Smoking To Survive
Show Notes

At the Tse-Yandev IDP camp in Benue, North-central Nigeria, women smoke when it rains because it is the only warmth they have now; displaced, they live on the fringes of more risk.

Hosted by: Hameeda Buhari

Written by: Aishat Babatunde

Produced by: Abba Toko Gongulong

Voice acting by: Chigozie Victor, Adebowale Oluwaseun and Ihuoma Ilo

Social promotions by: Muhammed Akinyemi

Consulting producer: Osato Edokpayi

Senior producer: Anita Eboigbe

Executive producer: Ahmad Salkida

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