The Progressive Sacred

Would You Be My Neighbor?

June 21, 2021 The PTJ Crew Season 1 Episode 4
The Progressive Sacred
Would You Be My Neighbor?
Show Notes

Are we cultivating communities which are loving, diverse and inclusive? What can we learn from Jesus' teaching in the parable of the Good Samaritan found in Luke 10:25-37?
Join us in this episode as we hear from our special guest Emelda De Coteau from the "Pray With Our Feet" podcast and dive into topics of  racial injustice and how we can reconcile and attempt to be better neighbors.
We have packed this episode with extra flavor so get ready, put on your dancing shoes and let's show the world that we can show love, mercy and compassion towards others!

About Emelda:
Emelda leads Pray with Our Feet, an online community lifting up the intersection of progressive Christian faith and social justice. She co-hosts the PWF podcast with her Mom, Trudy. Emelda serves as the founder of Women Creatives Chat, a community centering wellness and empowerment for creative mompreneurs  through events (both online and live), workshops, and mindful products and services. She also writes about wellness, holistic healing practices and social justice for Good Life DetroitModestine Tea and Breaking the Silence…Healing the Pain

@PrayWithOurFeet on IG, FB and Twitter

@WomenCreativesChat on IG & FB

Other shout outs and special mentions: 
Greg Woodsbie, music composition for "Mi Vecindario" 
Rev. Kelsey Beebe from "The Lady Preacher Podcast" 

Thanks y'all! 

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