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Empowering Expat Women and Beyond with Camilla Quintana | TNN51

April 11, 2022 Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski Episode 51
The New Nomad
Empowering Expat Women and Beyond with Camilla Quintana | TNN51
Show Notes

It’s quite challenging to be an ex-pat, more so being a woman ex-pat. For women, the ability to work remotely is more than just a reduced commute time and increased productivity. Remote work can provide the flexibility needed to stay on top of family commitments without compromising their working hours. Breaking the barriers in this male-dominated world, women find themselves challenged at work and in their personal lives. Camilla Quintana, an ex-pat empowerment coach, understands the hardships of being the fairer sex in the digital world. 

This episode of The New Nomad talks about empowering women, especially those who are ex-pats and global women. Camilla and our hosts, Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski, discussed the life of being always on the go. They talked about why, in this fast-paced world, women need support and where they could get the support they need. With a lot of positivity oozing from their conversation, women (and men alike) would find this episode empowering and educating. So enjoy the show and always bear in mind that support is always available if you know where to look.

[5:37] The challenges of the trailing spouse

[8:18] Grieving those we left behind in our ex-pat journey

[12:53] The price that relationships pay

[16:28] Anchors help you get motivated

[18:17] No need to fear what's on the other side

[27:10] The best coaches build you up


Camilla Quintana helps ex-pat & global women step into next-level confidence and embrace their distinctiveness, so they can make an impact - wherever they are in the world. Based in the Basque Country, Spain, she helps clients create a truly fulfilling life, strong and loving relationships with themselves and with others, and to achieve happiness, regardless of changing surroundings. Her podcast, The Empowered Expat Woman highlights successful and empowered women from different niches who want to share their experiences and give tips to their audience.

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