Self-Aware Millennial

Season One: Episode 12 // Millennials at Work with Jeremy Boudinet

July 29, 2018 Season 1 Episode 14
Self-Aware Millennial
Season One: Episode 12 // Millennials at Work with Jeremy Boudinet
Self-Aware Millennial
Season One: Episode 12 // Millennials at Work with Jeremy Boudinet
Jul 29, 2018 Season 1 Episode 14
Liv Hadden
Liv talks to marketing entrepreneur Jeremy Boudinet about being a Millennial in the workplace, and how we can make work "work" for us.
Show Notes

This week, as an exciting complement to episode 2: Millennials versus Gen X, I’m speaking to Millennial Jeremy Boudinet about Millennials in the workplace.

The most beneficial thing Jeremy said was to get a mentor. I enthusiastically back this up because mentors have a vested, personal interest in you reaching your goals. No one finds success and happiness alone, despite what a lot of arrogant musicians tend to preach in their songs. Who you surround yourself with matters almost as much as how you feel about yourself.

Often times, finding a mentor is as simple as just asking for one. If there’s someone you admire or someone who’s in a role you aspire to, ask them for feedback on things or if they have any advice. I have a friend from Italy told me she straight up asks, “I’m looking for a mentor. Are you interested?”

Now, for some of us, that’s easier said than done. Or, maybe you don’t work in an environment you feel comfortable asking. Maybe you just don’t like your job. Better yet, maybe you’re looking for a well-rounded mentoring experience and want someone a little more removed from the situation.

Because I believe mentoring is so important, I’ve decided to be in action about this and start a mentoring program for SAM Fam members. If you remember, last week I introduced the SAM Fam, which is a way you as a listener can support the show and help shape its content by becoming a patron.

As a new perk, the first 50 patrons who are interested will join a private mentoring group with me. You’ll get access to virtual professional coaching and training from me on a weekly basis, as well as peer interactions to support your growth and goals. 

Even better, my personal mentor and member of the Forbes Coaches Council and one of CV Magazine’s top 50 coaches, Alexsys Thompson, is offering a free 45-minute coaching call with her to one patron every month. Her time is easily worth $500/hour, so this is a wonderful gift I’m honored and grateful to be able to offer. Thanks, Alexsys!

To join the mentoring program, visit Patronage starts at $1/month and gives you access to a ton of perks on top of the mentorship opportunity. So now, you have no excuse for not having a mentor. Join the SAM Fam now:


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