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S2:E2 // Debunking Your Stories
September 17, 2018 Liv Hadden

S2:E2 // Debunking Your Stories

September 17, 2018

Liv Hadden

You are telling yourself stories, constantly.

From the time you wake up in the morning to the time you fall asleep at night, you're attaching meaning to everything around you. Humans are, by design, meaning-making machines. We can't deal with ambiguity, so we fill in the blanks. With stories.

Though these stories are "supposed" to help you find clarity and live to see another day, often times they sneakily sabotage your efforts to walk the path of joy.

When you confuse the stories you create with fact, you set yourself up for unnecessary suffering.

What are these stories exactly? How do you come up with them? What do you do when you recognize you're telling yourself a story? I discuss all of that and more in this week's episode. Mastering your stories (as they call it in Crucial Conversations) is an extremely important step toward living a more joy-filled life. And it's one of those skills that gets easier and easier and more and more beneficial over time!

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