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How to Effectively Engage Remote Employees - with Tom Ziglar

March 09, 2022 Tom Ziglar Season 2 Episode 26
The Employment Experience
How to Effectively Engage Remote Employees - with Tom Ziglar
Show Notes

There are approximately 60 million full time workers in the US who have the ability to work remotely. 30% of those workers report that they NEVER want to return to in person work again. Allowing employees to work remotely has so many benefits, but how can a company effectively engage remote workers so they don’t get “overlooked” online. 

My guest this week is Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc. an executive coaching and leadership company that has motivated and inspired more than 250 million people worldwide.  

Tom Ziglar has dedicated his career to developing coaches and leaders so they can effectively coach their own team towards internal motivation. In this episode, Tom and I discuss the various ways to effectively lead a remote team. Listen as Tom explains that, in order for leaders to effectively lead, they need to choreograph the dance between flexibility and autonomy.

In this episode, we discuss, 

The importance of a leadership mindset shift when leading a remote team

(1) Why top down management doesn’t work

(2) Why the Navy Seal Mission is important

(3) why T-Rex managers are extinct

(4) The top three things need to retain high level employees 

(5) The importance of knowing your team’s personal goals

(6) The importance of a remote first policy 

(7) How to address the lack of in person and interaction with remote work

(8) How to execute a one on one intentional weekly conversation with your remote team

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