Own Every Moment with Peter Hamelin

Dan Millman - Author of the Way of the Peaceful Warrior

January 01, 2022 Peter Hamelin Season 1 Episode 7
Own Every Moment with Peter Hamelin
Dan Millman - Author of the Way of the Peaceful Warrior
Show Notes

Dan Millman has a new memoir coming out on January 4th titled "Peaceful Heart Warrior Spirit the true story of my spiritual quest."  

 I was honored to interview him and dig into his teachings and how they relate to this moment in time! 
Dan's books and teachings have been a guiding light to millions of people. Now comes the true story of his search for the good life, a quest for meaning in the modern world. In vivid detail, he describes his evolution from childhood dreamer to world-class athlete, including the events that led him to write the spiritual classic Way of the Peaceful Warrior. You can get it at www. peacefulwarrior.com, or anywhere you buy books. 
We talked about:

 What is a way of a peaceful warrior?

The spiritual quest we are all on. 

How to stay present in this moment and during this time in human history. 

The gifts of emotional, physical, and spiritual pain.

What is spiritual weight training, and what are we training for 

The 12 courses of life that we are here to do every day. And how it will give our life meaning. 

1. Discover our innate worth.
2. Reclaiming our Will
3. Energizing our bodies 
4. managing money 
5. taming our mind 
6. trusting intuition 
7. excepting emotions 
8. facing our fears 
9. illuminating our shadow
10. embracing sexuality 
11. awakening our heart 
12. serving our world. 

How to face our fear.  

How hIs mentor, who he called "Socrates" in the Way of the Peaceful, taught him about living in every moment fully. 

His hope for humanity. 

How we can be of service even when we feel like we have nothing to offer. 

The most inspirational person in his life. 

When he is all done with this life, what will be his legacy