Own Every Moment with Peter Hamelin

Ryan Montbleau - Singer-Songwriter - Band Leader - Truth Seeker

January 27, 2022 Peter Hamelin Season 1 Episode 10
Own Every Moment with Peter Hamelin
Ryan Montbleau - Singer-Songwriter - Band Leader - Truth Seeker
Show Notes

For as long as he can remember, Ryan Montbleau’s been a seeker. From the jungles of Peru to the volcanoes of Hawaii, from the beaches of Costa Rica to the streets of Brooklyn, from the backseat of a 16-passenger van to backstage at Carnegie Hall, the acclaimed singer/songwriter has spent much of his life crisscrossing the globe on a perpetual search for meaning, purpose, and understanding. It’s a quest that’s guided him both personally and professionally over the years, one that’s come to define not only his music but his very sense of self. And yet, listening to Montbleau’s ambitious new multi-part album, Wood, Fire, Water, and Air, there is a profound sense of satisfaction in sitting still, a recognition that perhaps all those spiritual treasures he’s been chasing for so long were closer than he thought. 

We talked about:

- Blind Ambition vs. Setting Goals. 

- The Beginning of his Musical Path

- How the Rain can you help you out when you're in the moment 

-  Why Everyone deserves your best how to deliver it

- Sting, The Black Crowes, Todd Snider, wanting to fill a stadium but the importance of affecting the people where you're with who you truly are. 

- Knowing you can Own that room and not take it for granted. 

- Your Productive Brain and your Receptive Brain 

- The concept of God - coming back to  spirit 

- How he delivers his message solo or with a full band.   

- His favorite album and the new music he is releasing, Fire, Water, Air, Wood. 

-  Who is Ryan is listening to, inspired by including Leonard Cohen

- Protection and Connection for a touring artist in these times

- The Role of the Musician

- What he wants his legacy to be! 

 To learn more about Ryan Montbleau
visit his website at: www.ryanmontbleau.com