Dear Poly

The future is now pt 1

February 14, 2022
Dear Poly
The future is now pt 1
Show Notes

Dear Poly is a podcast about sexual exploration and polyamory. I am so excited to introduce Rebecca Minor from I feel like this is a perfect follow up to our last episode but also looks forward to the future. Rebecca works with youth on gender and sexuality issues but also has a lot of exposure to their relationship dynamics. In this episode we discuss the entire spectrum! It is packed with really incredible conversation and I struggled to cut it down so I didn't...I cut it in two! What better way to se the future than to look into the youth of today.
If there is a topic or question you would like us to cover please reach out via our website at or on the gram at dearpolypodcast make sure to follow us, like and share but most importantly I hope you enjoy!


Rebecca Minor, MSW, LICSW is a queer, Jewish clinician and coach specializing in the intersection of trauma, gender, and sexuality. As a Gender Specialist, Rebecca partners with trans and gender nonconforming youth through their journey of becoming; and is a guide to their parents in affirming it. She also offers coaching for parents and families who are looking for guidance to support their children in their journey of becoming their authentic selves. Rebecca believes in the importance of embracing human diversity and is passionate about partnering with people to cultivate the self compassion necessary to heal shame, dismantle binaries, and invite opportunities for growth and lasting change. Rebecca is an adjunct professor at Boston University School of Social work and a 200 hour level yoga instructor. In addition to her clinical work, Rebecca has provided cultural responsiveness training and consultation to organizations, schools, and business for the past decade.

Instagram: @gender.specialist

Facebook: Rebecca Minor LICSW

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