Dear Poly

What do you want...what do I want?

October 04, 2021
Dear Poly
What do you want...what do I want?
Show Notes

 DearPoly is a podcast designed to help answer your questions around sexual exploration and polyamory. In this episode we help a reader that is struggling to navigate a complicated relationship..wait not a relationship...well maybe it's a relationship...maybe we don't know what it is. I will be joined by Elizabeth Cunningham as we sort through the red flags and sticky situations. She asks some tough questions and helps us understand what it is that we need to face in order to really be happy. This is a slightly longer episode and I bounce around on a few topics but listen to the end because Elizabeth really gives some great information and always pulls us back with incredible insight that is relevant to the subject! Plus you get a sneak peak at an upcoming project by DearPoly!

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