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Chef Robert Irvine is Helping Veterans
Chef Robert Irvine is Helping Veterans 41:36 How to be a military survivor with TAPS and MAJ (Ret) Bonnie Carroll 37:39 AbilityOne and Veterans working together 28:02 The Brain Behind The Warrior Games 41:35 The Ukraine Rescue Operation - Benjamin Hall 42:17 Bringing Vets to the Hill 43:42 Making the Environment Safer to Prevent Veteran Suicide 31:56 Improving the Performance of Warriors 46:02 The Presumption of Asbestos Trusts Are Fast-Tracking Awards to Veterans 27:58 Paralyzed Veterans of America Is Changing the Lives of Women Veterans 38:28 Veteran Treatment Courts and Their Impact 42:43 No One Left Behind - The Mission of POW/MIA Accounting 46:27 Special Edition - Remembering Garry Augustine and John Sommer 8:17 MilitaryTimes Leo Shane reports on the VA 42:42 Vindman Speaks on Ukraine 41:23 The Library of Congress is Capturing Veterans History 41:51 Cannibas is coming to the Federal Government 37:32 The House is Making Headway in Veterans Affairs 44:59 Operation Backbone is Carrying a Heavy Load for Veterans as well as the VA 29:13 Foreign Threats, GWOT Memorial, Wartime Injuries, and Sexual Assault 29:09 The CHIP IN Act and Public Private Partnerships 31:59 How Does the VA Continue to Innovate and Compete Moving Forward 41:50 Season 2 Opener with Dr. David Shulkin and Lou Celli 13:31 Human Connection to reduce Veteran Suicide and Helping Afghan Refugees 34:58 The Nightmares of Air Travel for Paralyzed Veterans 26:06