A huge week for the UK (and other markets..)
Eurizon SLJ Capital
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Eurizon SLJ Capital
A huge week for the UK (and other markets..)
Apr 12, 2024 Season 2024 Episode 11
Eurizon SLJ Capital

In this episode of 'The Long and Short of the Week Ahead,' Eurizon SLJ Capital offers a comprehensive outlook on the week ahead for professional investors, focusing on key macroeconomic themes. 

Matt Jones, Head of Distribution, and Neil Staines, Senior Portfolio Manager, discuss various pivotal economic indicators and meetings poised to impact global markets, with a particular emphasis on the UK's financial landscape. 

They highlight the UK's employment report, CPI print, retail sales data, and the implications of Governor Bailey's upcoming speeches on the trajectory of UK interest rates. 

The dialogue also explores the U.S. economic outlook, particularly in response to recent CPI data and its potential effects on the Federal Reserve's mandate, retail sales, and Q1 earnings reports. 

Additionally, the episode covers significant economic developments in China and Germany, alongside an anticipation of the updated IMF World Economic Outlook. 

 00:00 Introduction to the Week Ahead

00:30 Focus on the UK: Economic Indicators and Rate Expectations

02:04 US Economic Outlook: Inflation, Growth, and Fed's Mandate

03:38 Global Economic Events: From Earnings to IMF Outlook

05:43 Closing Remarks and Future Insights

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