Life Around "The Fire"

Living Life At The Speed Of Shalom

January 13, 2023 David Season 22 Episode 10
Life Around "The Fire"
Living Life At The Speed Of Shalom
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Show Notes

Feeling or sensing the atmosphere of the room you walk into is a reality that most of us deal with on a regular basis without really thinking twice about it.
However, when a person stops and allows themselves to be still we can begin to recognize the mood or tone of what is going on.
Walk into a packed bar at closing time.
You'll get a definite read on the atmosphere.
walk into a stockholders meeting after the company stock has tyaken a 20 point drop.
The "vibe" will be different.
We have the privilege and resposibility as ambassadors of Christ to "set the tone".
Instead of  stress,  pressures of over-commitment, fear,  ego driven ambitions or guilt filling the atmosphere we have the authority to bring and turn it into one of PEACE!
Make the room a room of PEACE!
Make the board meeting a meeting of PEACE!
Make the auto shop an auto shop of PEACE!

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Loving Yeshua/Jesus, Loving people... Come as you are and you will be loved!
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Shalom to you and your home.