Life Around "The Fire"

The Kingdom The Power And The Glory Of God (Part 1 of 5)

March 07, 2023 David Season 26 Episode 2
Life Around "The Fire"
The Kingdom The Power And The Glory Of God (Part 1 of 5)
Show Notes

Growing up on a small farm outside of a small mining town in Northern Minnesota (Hibbing) my brother-in-law had a bee farm for making honey located on an acre or two in the back, far 20.
I thought it was a pretty cool set-up.
But, I kept my distance.
One day I saw him (Jerry, my brother-in-law) with a device that looked like a glorified watering can.
Except it had smoke coming out of  it instead of water.
Jerry told me that it drove the angry bees away and put the others to sleep so that he could harvest the honey without getting stung.
I asked if I could smell the smoke and look into one of the boxes that housed the beehive.
I did and it smelled like burning/smoking woodchips... I liked it.
Funny how I liked it but the bees didn't like it at all.
It's like the Presence of our heavenly Father.
I love it but, demons can't stand it.
We are going to be taking the next 5 episodes to highlight the reality of oppressive powers being broken and removed from people's lives as a result of God intensifying His love toward us and what we can do as we experience this reality becoming more and more the new normal!

Loving Jesus, Loving people... Come as you are and you will be loved!