Life Around "The Fire"

The Kingdom, The Power, And The Glory Of God (Part 4 Of 5)

March 09, 2023 David Season 26 Episode 5
Life Around "The Fire"
The Kingdom, The Power, And The Glory Of God (Part 4 Of 5)
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Show Notes

Even  though we all know, for the most part, that people are just people.
I know someone who is now passed and is safe and very satisfied Living Eternal Life with Yeshua/Jesus on the other side.
However, while alive on the Earth, they were terrified, by and large, of people.
Folks would encourage her but to no avail.
She was very concerned and controlled by the opinions of other people.
She was terrified of criticism, rejection, and conflict.
Well, that's the devil's wheelhouse.
Life on planet Earth in it's current condition is going to involve conflict.
Conflict on a variety of levels... Mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
Power encounters are spiritual conflicts being waged in a type of fight or warfare.
We need to be equipped enough to be able to join in the fight and be part of the battle's victory!

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Loving Yeshua/Jesus, Loving people... Come as you are and you will be loved!
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