Life Around "The Fire"

The Need To Maintain Focus

March 18, 2023 David Season 27 Episode 1
Life Around "The Fire"
The Need To Maintain Focus
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Show Notes

We've all had a bad song stuck in our head.
We've all, also, more than likely had an obsessivie thought or two that seem to get stuck in our brains.
Losing focus on the good things that are in our lives is all part of living life on Earth.
It's definitely not  a perfect place to live, yet!
In the meantime we have a struggle, at times, to maintain focus that is a healthy one.
In many respects we find ourselves becoming like that person or those things we are giving our attention to.
What or who is occupying the majority of your time.
Look at your lifestyle and you will see exactly who and what you pay the most attention to and talk about.

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