Life Around "The Fire"

Overthinking Things

May 15, 2023 David Season 34 Episode 6
Life Around "The Fire"
Overthinking Things
Show Notes

The definition of overthinking things is not easy for me to provide because I am a recovering overthinker, so I can't quite describe it all, yet.
I have been a overthinkeraholic.
I hate it whein I get caught doing it.
Except when God shines His Light on me and I see what I am doing.
He is so amazing in how He does stuff.
If it doesn't have love in it , it's not from God.
Jesus is the only One that can help us overthinkers.
Thank God for Jesus I'm now in His recovery unit.
Now, let's see what this episode is all about.

Loving Jesus, Loving people... Come as you are and you will be loved!