Life Around "The Fire"

Getting To The Root Of The Problem

May 20, 2023 David Season 34 Episode 11
Life Around "The Fire"
Getting To The Root Of The Problem
Show Notes

*An editorial note : We want to make a correction in a name reference used half-way through the episode. It was initially given as the the correct name, "Esaua". A few minutes later  another name was used in the same Old Testament story.  But instead saying "Esaua"the name "Enoch" was used. "Esau" is the correct name in the Old Testament reference. We apolgize for the woopsi. T
BTW, thanks for the gracious way that you provide a prayer covering for us. We love you... Bo Yeshua Bo

I have wasted so much of my time trying to figure out why really bad things happen to me.
The question itself has caused me to be like a dog chaing it's tail or a monkey chasing the weasel.
Lengthy cycles of wasted energy and time... things just swirling around in my head.
Afraid to forgive and afraid to let go of the hurt.
I grew rather accustomed to letting hurt and anger be my protectors.
Until the love of Jesus Christ really broke through.
His love broke through my hard exterior and offered me real help, freedom, and a new, healthy way of Living...
That's some of the stuff found in this episode.
Take your seat buckles off and let go of the steering wheel cuz we're going for a ride!

Loving Jesus, Loving people... Come as you are and you will be loved!