Life Around "The Fire"

The Beginning Of "Until" ... Ephesians 4-6

October 30, 2023 David Season 34 Episode 37
Life Around "The Fire"
The Beginning Of "Until" ... Ephesians 4-6
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Show Notes

As a kid do you remember getting a "side ache" while you were running for a long time or playing real hard?
Did you stop running or playing?
Sometimes I would.
Until ...
Until, one day I kept just decided to keep on  running and the side ache went away and then I got my second wind and Icould keep on running for miles (if I wanted to).
The same type of thing happens in life when we get older ... just in different ways.
We get uncomfotable with certain spiritual disciplines because we get a "side ache" we call it quits.
It's called shot-termitus
It's most common among quitters.
The result of this condition is they remain in a stunted state of existance ... Until
Until the remedy for cure is taken by moving beyond the pain and the temptation to quit.
The pain goes away and the personal and corporate growth ensues.
The benefits far outweigh the pain.
We'll be taking time over the next few episodes to cover the spiritual growth quality we will simply call, "Until".

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